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Lunch and Dinner Spots - Within 5 Minutes From The Pineola

Italian Pizza & Pasta 

  • About a minute drive from The Pineola

    • We do not recommend walking due to safety concerns with minimal space on roadside!

    • 2855 Linville Falls Hwy, Pineola NC 28662

    • (828) 733-1401


  • You can’t go wrong with their pizza, calzones, salads, and more… so close and so good!

    • They will deliver to The Pineola!

Los Arcoiris Mexican Resturant 

  • About a 2 minute drive from The Pineola

  • You will love their wonderful Mexican dishes… authentic and delicious!

Tin Trout 

  • 2.4 miles, about 4 minutes, from The Pineola

  • An ever-changing seasonal menu with amazing sandwiches, burgers, and entrees… you will be impressed by the many options!

Old Hampton Store and Barbeque

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